February 1, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Posted in WoW at 12:36 am by rymes

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I’m going to be focusing on the World of Warcraft, and my experiences, observations, and lessons learned while playing.

I have two characters I’m playing right now, Alliance side on Echo Isles (US).

Rymes, my main and lvl 51 Warlock, Affliction specced. I have a lot of fun blasting the bejeebuz out of everything, and still managing to have more than 90% of my health/mana (Life Tap/Life Drain FTW). I’m thinking of taking a break on leveling soon, at around 59, to start in on some PVP. I tried at 39, wasn’t very good, but I have friends at around the 50-59 mark who I plan on learning teamwork with.

Uhtar, my number-one alt and lvl 21 Shaman, Enhancement specced. I’m thinking of respeccing Resto, and running lots of instances, just to see what it’s like. Almost all the classes I’ve played in my year of WoW-ing have been DPS specced, so it’ll be interested to see how I perform in other roles.


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  1. Game Dame said,

    Welcome! Nice choice of theme, btw. Link your armory pages to your graphics, k? Need to check out your Shammy specs. Try not to become too obsessive-compulsive with the blog. Well, you can try, but it won’t help… =)

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