February 2, 2008

Why I like playing a Warlock

Posted in WoW at 9:03 am by rymes

A lot of the bloggers over at Blog Azeroth have been doing a post on why they like playing their class. While I’m not (yet) a member of Blog Azeroth, I thought I’d go ahead and post why I like playing my Warlock.

Almost every class I’ve played in my little-over-a-year of WoW-ing has been a DPS class: Rogue(to 30), Hunter(to 65), and Mage(to 35). I think I had the most fun playing the Hunter, until I found some Real Life friends on another server, and opposite faction.

It was a little tough for me to abandon my Hunter. I’d spent many hours taking out mobs several levels higher than me, sending my ferocious Hinterlands cat and totally rocking with Mend Pet and Bestial Wrath. So when I did transfer, it was a conundrum on which class to pick: level up another Hunter, or try something new?

I decided to go with the Warlock, as it’s very similar to the Hunter. I absolutely love it. With my ‘lock specced as Affliction, I can send in my minion, DoT up the mob, and Life Tap/Drain Life the hell out of it, and still have nearly full life/mana. I’ve got several Fear effects to back me up in case of danger. I’ve got Healthstones and Soulstones when things get really tricky.

All in all, Warlocks seem to be a very versatile class, and I can’t wait to get to 70 and start doing some serious PVP.


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