February 10, 2008

Totally Gnaked

Posted in Humor, WoW at 12:32 am by rymes

BRK‘s Gnaked Gnome race. I was there. Were you?

Pre-race Chillin’ with BRK himself, about 90 minutes before the race. Name’s Gnominal.
Pre-race 2 This is about 30 minutes before the race. Things are still getting organized. I have a lot of respect for BRK, TJ, and the other AC members for their immense patience. I would’ve shouted myself hoarse.
wowscrnshot_020908_160035.jpg We’re off! With TJ as our RL, grumping about how we’re too slow.
wowscrnshot_020908_161332.jpg Gnominal representin’
guild.jpg Over 200 people in our quick-made guild, and I know ours wasn’t the only one.
wowscrnshot_020908_164140.jpg We all got ported to Shattrath afterwards, and danced around like silly naked children. Or Gnomes. Take your pick.

And KiyzaGnome was kind enough to post her video up for us all to enjoy.

I had a total blast doing this, and would absolutely love to do it again. I know I saw BRK, TJ, and GameDame there. If you were there, I’d love to see more pics/videos if you’ve got ’em.


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  1. Arrens said,

    Yep. In your second picture, far to the right on the Dreadsteed. That’d be me. I’ve got a couple pictures as well and will likely make it a point to post it tomorrow morning.

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