February 13, 2008


Posted in WoW at 3:59 pm by rymes

I’m starting up a new character today, as a unique blogging/socializing experiment: Ess at Outland Bound suggested creating alts on a totally new (to us) server, making a guild, and only questing/running instances when in our groups. That way, we stay at about the same level, plus have a chance to socialize with other bloggers and have fun playing together.

I’m still fairly new to the WoW Blogging scene, so this is really a chance for me to make friends and connections in the Blogosphere, while enjoying my favorite past-time.

Expect to hear about Fuller’s exploits as a Resto Shaman in the future.



  1. Game Dame said,

    Schweeeeeet! See you later tonight!

  2. Bruthah said,

    d00d, you can gt banned 4 ‘sploiting. 😉

  3. Luciel said,

    Nice to have you in the group man! (Incendio!)

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