February 19, 2008

How I Spent My Vacation

Posted in Anti-PUG, WoW tagged , , at 2:38 pm by rymes

So I’ve had over a week to play with Fuller. Unfortunately, our self-imposed level limit was 10, and I’d already reached that point. I wanted to get as close to zero experience as possible during the week (though I admit I got a little from discovering new areas – Oops!), and there aren’t any level 4 mobs (low enough to be gray) that you can skin in the Durotar zone. So…


I didn’t make any really great discoveries like Daxe, who got the Weather-Beaten Journal, but I have a bank full of leathers, bolts of linen and wool cloth, and plenty of Oily Blackmouth fish for our up-and-coming Alchemists.

Also, I’ll probably see if I can snag a few Blackmouth Oil for my fishing gloves.


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