February 20, 2008

Pox Arcanum, Take 1

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:11 pm by rymes

Pox Arcanum Pox Arcanum is official! We got our charter passed around, got all the signatures we needed, and got our tabard all set up. We had a sizable group of us in front of the Horde Embassy, goofing off and playing around; so large, in fact that we had a few people come up and ask us what we were up to. Apparently, we looked like we were going to go raid something.

And don’t get me wrong, that would have been fun.

Anyway, not everyone could make it tonight. Nasirah at A Tale of Two Druids, member of the Purple Poxer group, lost internet connection tonight, and we in the Yellow Poxless had a member who’d never shown up, or (as far as anyone knows) created a character. We did have an unexpected addition, though, and started our fourth group, the Black Pox. And we did a little group rearranging, for the sake of better grouping. I’m now in the Black Pox.

The only group that had all five members (eventually) there and ready to quest together was the Green Poxed. I’m anxious to hear how they did.

Things of Note

  • I had picked up a recipe for Savory Deviate Delight yesterday for 1.5g, and promptly resold it for 35g. That makes me smile.
  • It also made me able to buy tabards for those still financially unable to buy theirs, as well as put some money in the Guild Bank.
  • I picked up all my Major City Flight paths today, using the Lunar Festival teleport for the trickier parts.
  • I picked up all my Ragefire Chasm quests, so that next time the Black Pox plays, I’ll be ready to share.
  • Dueled a little bit outside Orgrimmar. I beat a level 11 Shaman twice. Earth Shock, you’re my best friend.


  1. Daxenos said,

    Doh! I forgot to email myself at work to post the pic! I’ll have to remember to upload it when I get home. haha!


  2. Daxenos said,

    Oh, and I found a couple of Firefin Snapper pools south of Northwatch Hold. But, it seems that they don’t spawn all the time; Daxenos found them (on Baelgun server) around 5 am Eastern time.

    Good luck!


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