February 23, 2008

Shut up and do your job

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:58 am by rymes

What do you do when you’re PUG-ing for a dungeon, you need 1 person to fill a role, and when you find one, they say, “Oh, don’t ask me to do X, I’m not specced for it”.

This happened to me and a friend a while ago, trying to run ZF. He was a Warrior, and I’m a Warlock, and we had another DPS, forget which class. We manage to get 2 other people: a Druid and a Pally, and neither of them will heal. Flat out, absolutely refuse. Kick, kick, never did find a full group, went and quested elsewhere.

I understand I may not know everything, or even much of anything, about healing, because up until my Pox Arcanum Shaman, Fuller, I’ve played DPS classes. But I’m of the opinion that if you are in a group and you are the only one (or maybe one of two) who can fill a role, you should do it. Maybe you’re not specced for it, maybe you don’t have the gear with you. It’s ok, we’re not asking you for a miracle, just do the job the best you can.



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