February 26, 2008


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FlurrySo, now that I’ve got Fuller up and going on Pox Arcanum, I’ve been really wanting to play a Shaman, but can’t until the whole group is ready to go. Which, of course, is the whole nature of the Pox Arcanum experiment.

However, it leaves me with this need, this urge to play a shaman.

Which is okay, because I just happen to have another one. I spent a few hours playing Uhtar some more, and I must say I really like the Shaman Enhancement play style. Most of my toons have been ranged/casters, so it’s a new experience getting down and dirty like that. I’ve only gotten him to level 26, but here’s some of the things I love about Enhancement Shamans so far.

  • Earth Shock. Caster interruption is pure awesome.
  • Ghost Wolf. 40% increased move speed, and it’s own dance!
  • Herbalism and skinning in Ghost Wolf form is a godsend.
  • Shamanistic Focus gets you almost half-priced Shock spells after a Crit.
  • FLURRY!! Increased attack speed=more chance for crits=MOAR DPS!

Ooooh… now I want to rename my Shaman to “McFlurry”…



  1. asirae said,

    It’s nice to be Enhancement. Keep up the good work.

    If you get to raiding, look me up… http://enhancementshaman.wordpress.com

    – Asirae

  2. Dammerung said,

    Fuller… I fully expect a detailed post on windfury and how awesomely awesome it is once you get it 😛

    *The orc who has recently gone back to loving his Enshaman

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