February 26, 2008

L2Hunter, Plz

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:46 pm by rymes

So I was playing on Uhtar today, finishing up some quests in Astranaar (or as Ratshag likes to say, “Aastraaanaaar”), when I see a tell in the general channel.

“LF 2 more for BFD”

“I’m in”, I whispered back.

And so we got a group going, and we did really well. We had 2 Shamans (including me), both Enhancement, rocking the house. We had an awesome Priest, who kept us all in good health. We had a good Warrior, who was having a little bit of a tough time keeping aggro off of us DPS Shaman, but that’s OK, we like it like that.

And we had a Hunter.

I don’t know if I’m just spoiled, or if BRK‘s training has just made me expect more from Hunters, but this guy was, in every sense of the word, and Huntard. Every thing he did set me on edge, from using a WC serpent as his pet (WTF?! WHY?!?), to melee-ing every encounter, to dropping Freezing Traps in the middle of combat. On my mob. And getting irritated when I broke the trap.

I checked out his Armory profile afterward. I regret it. This kid has no idea what he’s doing. (I won’t link directly to his profile. That’s harsh.)

If I ever suck it up so badly, please, someone slap me into shape. PLEASE.


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