March 5, 2008


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Just a little news as to what I’ve been up to.


I tend to shy away from talking about my health problems, and I won’t bore you with alot of details, but they do take up alot of my time and energy. I have CVID, and have recently developed ITP, both of which require regular IV infusions. I had a few doctors appointments this week, and the ITP treatment seems to be going very well; I’m responding well to the treatment, and my platelet percentage is rising. I have 2 more infusions to go, one on the 7th and one on the 14th. My CVID treatments are every two weeks, and those are indefinite. BUT, I’m still feeling like things are getting better.


I’ve gotten kind of bored of Rymes. He’s been sitting in the Hinterlands for a while, at 59. I did log in today, though, and got him up to 60. Woohoo! I also respecced to Destruction, and I’m going to try to see if I can AoE Solo some lower level instances.


I’ve been doing a lot of WSG with Uhtar, and feeling like I’m finally getting good at it. I actually captured the flag today, and, along with another Enhancement Shaman, defended myself and our base while Offense hunted down our flag. Two Shaman = AWESOME. The totem combinations are just amazing, buffs everywhere. I had picked up the PVP Cloak and slapped a +70 armor enchant on it; now I’ve got 20 more marks, and I’m wondering what the next piece of gear would be best for me to get.

I did some research for about an hour today, and found some interesting things about Ghost Wolf:

  • Shamanistic Focus and Flurry will proc on crits while in Ghost Wolf form
  • Crusader will not proc in GW. At all.
  • You cannot get any weapon skill points while in GW. I tried for about half an hour to level 1-handed maces, and got nothing. Then I removed my weapon, to see if unarmed would level, and it did not. I shifted out of GW, and it started leveling.

Do Druids get weapon skill-ups in animal form? Why shouldn’t Shaman? I’m irked.


Honestly, this is where I spend alot of my WoW time: searching the AH for deals to resell and leveling up my trade skills. I’ve now maxed out my Fishing, Cooking, and Leatherworking, and am working on my skinning (only killing gray mobs, I swear) and the last few points of First Aid.

Speaking of which, Pox Arcanum has had a couple of members drop out due to unforseen circumstances. If you’d like to join us, drop a line here, or at our blog. Or, just show up on Anvilmar, Horde side, and join our chat channel (/join Poxic) and ask for an invite. You don’t have to be a blogger, but we certainly appreciate everybody contributing to the group blog. Also, schedules are usually flexible, so if you have other obligations, arrangements can be made.



  1. Sellia said,

    Druid don’t skill point while in animal form. I know it’s sad.

  2. Beowulfa said,

    health problems are no fun (us greenish orcssies will keep you in our prayers). And between you and daxe (and Lazz) there are NO good deals to be had on the AH in Anvilmar … and half of the stuff I see has been put on by a Pox Arcanum member …. we are taking over the world!

  3. rymes said,

    Lol, I think Daxe has been controlling the AH market for quite a while. Being on the Left Coast, I don’t get up until most of the Poxers are already on their way with work and such. So by the time I get to scanning the AH, the deals are few and far between.

  4. Daxenos said,

    lol. I haven’t bought anything in a week…but when I do get back into it, I’ll probably be playing it early in the AM before work. Say, around 4:30 Eastern time….so, good luck!

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…….ah ha ha ha…….ahhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Dammerung said,

    *mutters at sellia for being faster*

    Well my final comment for the day. Hi hi and added to reader after realizing today that I didn’t have you on my reader.

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