March 10, 2008


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I do this thing where, when I come across a new online service, I sign up, use it for a bit, get bored of it, and NEVER USE IT AGAIN. My mailbox is flooded with reminder emails and newsletters of services I no longer use. Most of the time, I can’t figure out how to cancel my account (they’re usually free, so at least I don’t have to worry about paying for them).

Anyway, I’m going through my mailbox, and realized that I need to do a little “housecleaning”. So here’s all the services (that I can remember) that I do/don’t use, and I’ll get right to work disabling my unused accounts.

Never Use

  • Flickr – I know it’s a great service, I just don’t take enough pictures.
  • Facebook – Seriously, after figuring out how to use Myspace, I never want to learn another system again.
  • Stickam – I’m sure it’s a great socializing tool. I just get tired of listening to teenagers and their racist/sexist remarks.
  • Pandora – I LOVE the idea of Pandora. I just rarely turn it on. Maybe this’ll get moved to my “occasionally used” in the future.
  • Most IM services, such as AIM, Yahoo, Gtalk, etc.

Occasionally use

  • Photobucket – I don’t know why I use this over Flickr. Old habits? I might make the switch.
  • Google Desktop – Haven’t found any “must have” plugins for it yet.
  • Myspace – Ugh, this is almost in the “never use” category. Socializing sites like this are so… I don’t know. Immature? It IS nice to keep in contact with some of my family, though.
  • Skype – I’ve not used it alot, but it is nice.

Use Every Day

  • Gmail – obviously.
  • Google Reader
  • Twitter – I absolutely LOVE Twitter. I wish more of my friends would pick it up, though. It’s so convenient, especially since I can Tweet from my cell phone.
  • – It’s always running in the background. I rarely check for friends requests and whatnot, I just like it to tell what my musical tastes have been this day/week/month.

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  1. Game Dame said,

    Nice idea of cleaning house and thanks for posting this. I used Facebook for a while but then when it was sold and SOOooo many apps created that all my friends were asking me to join apps I had no interest in, then it just got too much for me and I didn’t care any more. I never used Flickr much. Never heard of but I think my husband might really like it.

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