March 30, 2008


Posted in Life tagged at 8:53 pm by rymes

Despite the fact that it’s ten years old, my buddies and I still get together now and then for a rousing game of StarCraft. This last Friday was one of those days, and I had alot of fun during the matches, and even though I’m not a spectacular player, I still managed to do pretty well. But that’s not what this post is really about.

Before the event was supposed to start, I drove over to my friend Ulrich’s house and hung out for a bit; then we took his car to my friend Charlie’s house, where we got the party started. Now, Ulrich doesn’t live in the greatest neighborhood; it’s not awful, but it’s pretty close to the low-income housing developments. Anyway, while we were out getting our game on, someone swiped my windshield wiper blades.

Who the hell steals wiper blades? And they didn’t just take the blades, either, but the whole plastic assembly. I’ve got two metal arms attached to the rotors, but that’s it. I live in freakin’ Seattle! It’s almost April!



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