April 16, 2008

And now back to the show

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Okay, I’ve been gone for a while. Not like I left, or had urgent, pressing business, or I was kidnapped or anything like that. I’ve just been really lazy about posting to my blog. I’ve been playing alot of WoW, though (since I’m still not back at work. This friday, though! =D), and I guess there’s lots of stuff I’ve screen-shot to post about, and just not done it. I’ll be putting some of it up, but in bits and pieces, so it doesn’t seem like an overwhelming flood of “Here’s what I did today” info.



Meet Sein. Sein is a BG monster. Seriously. I’ve been playing about a round of WSG a day with him, and even joined a Twink guild, I’d Crit That, on Echo Isles. If I don’t manage to come out on top with HK’s and killing blows, it’s usually because I’ve been running defense or running the flag. I’m having alot of fun with it.


I think one of my favorite things to do is target all the healers in the opposing team. Paladins can be a bit of a nuisance, especially since they have that free-movement blessing (which totally negates my Concussive Shot), but Priests, Druids, and Shaman are easy pickings for my gun-toting buddy. I really dislike rogues, but I can come out on top about 80% of the time with Wing Clip, traps, and jump-shotting CS.

So that’s one of the many things I’ve been up to recently. See you again real soon. (For reals. Really.)


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  1. Rabbit said,

    Hey like the new template…very bright and cheery

    and just a comment to your readers…I’ve seen Rymes PvP on his Pox alt. The boy has skills. Haven’t seen anyone take him down yet and his Pox alt isn’t even a twink

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