April 17, 2008


Posted in Gold Making, Shaman, World of Warcraft tagged , at 4:22 pm by rymes

I’ve been leveling Uhtar quite a bit, recently, and my level-70 Warrior friend, Rap, has been helping out quite a bit. Seems he wants to get some Arena team set up, and thinks I’d make a good addition. Go figure.

Anyway, he’s been tanking all my quests for me, helping me plow through all the Azeroth material in personal-record time. One thing we’ve noticed, though, is I seem to have really good luck. Greens drop constantly for me, blues seem to drop far more often than they should, and the other day, I got one of these:


Now, if I were a Warlock, I’d have popped that thing on in a heartbeat. But, as I was still saving for my epic mount, it got sent to my bank-alt and AH’d. Plus, as an Alchemist, I had the Philosopher’s Stone and, working in WPL, the Argent Dawn Commission.

Rap seems to be pretty jealous of my treasure finding skills luck.


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