April 23, 2008

New Toys for Old Boys

Posted in Technology, World of Warcraft tagged , , at 12:52 pm by rymes

n52te_2I got my tax refund back recently. Actually, like a week ago. And yes, TJ, I am one of those people that wait until the very last minute to get it all done. Fortunately for people in your profession, I did mine myself.

Actually, my mom did them, as payment for setting up her new computer.

ANYWAY, I got my refund, which was quite a relief after not working for 3 months. Know what I spent it on?

Bills, mostly.

But I also got a little something for myself, the Belkin n52te gamepad, and let me tell you, I’m loving it. It’s taken a bit of practice to get used to it, and a mod to remind me what buttons do what, but I feel like I have alot more freedom of movement with my fingers than when using my laptop’s keyboard. I’ve yet to try any serious work-out sessions with it, like PVPing with my hunter twink, but it’ll happen.


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