May 4, 2008

Washington – You can have it all

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I went for a nice long drive yesterday. Ten hours long, in fact, and nearly 400 miles.

I work for a medical company that does home-health care, and I deliver medication, supplies, equipment and oxygen to peoples homes so that they don’t have to be in a clinic or hospital to get their medical treatments. It’s usually for people that have recurring infections, some cancer patients, patients with special formula diets, etc. where it’s not necessary for them to receive the intense care of a clinic or hospital, or where they can self-administer.

So, nice long drive. 400 miles. Started off all gloomy and rainy, but as the day progressed, it started getting nicer, and I was again reminded of how much I love living in beautiful Western Washington. I took a few pictures, and thought I’d share them with my few readers.


This is out near Forks, WA, on the way through the Olympic National Park. The mountains are all obscured by low cloud cover, but the serenity of the lake and the surrounding forest made me stop and take a few photos.


There’s lots of little waterfalls along the side of the road. I decided to turn of my radio going through this area to focus on the natural beauty of my surroundings. 006

This is near La Push, which I’ve heard is a popular surfing area in Washington. The highway comes right up near the edge of the ocean, and the waves breaking over the beach is so serene and peaceful. The cloud cover had started to break a bit, though these pictures are still a little dark.

Despite the bad rep that Washington gets for being a nasty, rainy place, I love it here. Any outdoors activity you can do, you can probably do here, from hiking in the mountains, to skiing, to kayaking, or fishing. If you like the outdoors, I think Washington is the place for you.

It’s certainly the place for me.



  1. Sellia said,

    Nice pictures ! 🙂


  2. rymes said,

    You can’t really tell in the last pic, but the waves are a lot bigger than they look.

  3. Melanie said,

    Wow, these pictures are breathtaking! I wish I could visit the Washington coast, it looks so beautiful. I read this book called Twilight by Stephenie Meyer that takes place in Fotks, but I did’nt imagine it as cool as this. I have to see it for myself someday.

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