May 9, 2008

I’m Batman

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The Dark Shaman’s Cover. It’s got ears.

I’m totally Batman.


April 17, 2008


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I’ve been leveling Uhtar quite a bit, recently, and my level-70 Warrior friend, Rap, has been helping out quite a bit. Seems he wants to get some Arena team set up, and thinks I’d make a good addition. Go figure.

Anyway, he’s been tanking all my quests for me, helping me plow through all the Azeroth material in personal-record time. One thing we’ve noticed, though, is I seem to have really good luck. Greens drop constantly for me, blues seem to drop far more often than they should, and the other day, I got one of these:


Now, if I were a Warlock, I’d have popped that thing on in a heartbeat. But, as I was still saving for my epic mount, it got sent to my bank-alt and AH’d. Plus, as an Alchemist, I had the Philosopher’s Stone and, working in WPL, the Argent Dawn Commission.

Rap seems to be pretty jealous of my treasure finding skills luck.

March 28, 2008

Hello, my name is Shawn, and I’m a SHAMAN!

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So, just a few updates on what’s going on right now with me.

Health and Life

  • I finished all my treatments for my recent illness, and should be able to go back to work soon.
  • I’m looking into several work-alternative options, such as going back to school with state aid, and applying for medical disability. I think I’d much prefer the first option.


  • Ran Wailing Caverns with the Yellow Pox yesterday. The Serpent’s Shoulders, Gloves of the Fang, and Worn Turtle Shell Shield all dropped. Blackmyst already had the shoulders and gloves, and Lazz already had the shield, so I happily picked those up. Robe of the Moccasin also dropped, grats to DeadRabbit for getting that one.
  • After the WC run, I realized I really don’t like playing Elemental, and respecced to Enhancement. We’re running the instances enough that gear issues haven’t been a problem. Discussed with Blackmyst, and he agreed and was fine with the respec.
  • I dropped Skinning. I make quite a profit on the AH, and can afford to buy my mats. Plus, Blackmyst skins a ton of stuff, and usually sends some my way. I appreciate it, and I keep him in some good gear (+1 Deviate Scale Belt for Blackmyst).
  • I picked up Engineering. I LOVE the goggles/hats made by engineers, and I figure, despite the fact that DeadRabbit is an Engineer as well, we won’t be encroaching on each others profits, as there’s not much to be made from Engineering, anyway.
  • I also made myself a Deviate Scale Belt, and picked up Razor’s Edge. I’m looking pretty good in my Blues. Now I just need a good chest piece. Hmmm, Armor of the Fang would be nice…


  • Getting pretty close to 40! I’ve got four more levels to go, and have been doing a little prep work, like saving my money for my mount. Speaking of which…
  • I spent the last couple days running around, doing some gray quests. Why?


  • That’s right, I’m Exalted with Darnassus at level 36. I’m getting myself a Tiger mount.
  • I plan on doing some SM runs with my 70 warrior friend today. He wants to get me some good mail armor for when I turn 40. In turn, I’ll be running his 20 druid through SFK and BFD. Tried to Solo BFD last night, got a little hung up near the end with the healers. But finishing the quests in there put me over the top for Darnassus Rep.
  • Also, at 40: DUAL WIELD! I’m a little excited.

Oh, and as a Pink Floyd fan, this made me smile:


(If, for some bizarre reason, you don’t know what I’m referencing, you can find it here.)

February 26, 2008


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FlurrySo, now that I’ve got Fuller up and going on Pox Arcanum, I’ve been really wanting to play a Shaman, but can’t until the whole group is ready to go. Which, of course, is the whole nature of the Pox Arcanum experiment.

However, it leaves me with this need, this urge to play a shaman.

Which is okay, because I just happen to have another one. I spent a few hours playing Uhtar some more, and I must say I really like the Shaman Enhancement play style. Most of my toons have been ranged/casters, so it’s a new experience getting down and dirty like that. I’ve only gotten him to level 26, but here’s some of the things I love about Enhancement Shamans so far.

  • Earth Shock. Caster interruption is pure awesome.
  • Ghost Wolf. 40% increased move speed, and it’s own dance!
  • Herbalism and skinning in Ghost Wolf form is a godsend.
  • Shamanistic Focus gets you almost half-priced Shock spells after a Crit.
  • FLURRY!! Increased attack speed=more chance for crits=MOAR DPS!

Ooooh… now I want to rename my Shaman to “McFlurry”…